Investing time to learn new skills is never time wasted.

 Love it or loath it, training within your job role is vital for many reasons.

  1. Keeping us safe within the workplace.
  2. Making us more productive within our role.
  3. Gain new skills to help not just in the workplace but in our every day.
  4. Growing as a professional to aid with our career development.
  5. Continual Professional Development is a legal requirement for most industries.

Learning should NEVER be treated as a “tick box exercise” 

Learning should never be undervalued and all training courses are valuable. Knowing how to act in a medical emergency to be able to keep you and your work colleagues safe should be as, if not more, important than growing sales and targets.

Learning must be valued as an opportunity to learn and widen our understanding, skills and to keep us and others safe.

We learn something new every day

Training is vital to keep us safe and to be more efficient. Training and qualifications give us the knowledge to use whenever we need it. Training can help save someone’s life and give people knowledge to recognize their own ill health and what action to take.

It is vital we invest in “us” as individuals

Following this pandemic, and as business emerges, there will be a large number of the workforce that will require upskilling to stay in the position they hold or will be required to gain additional skills as their job role may have changed from just 6 months ago.

It is vital that we all invest the time in learning new skills & knowledge or refreshing existing skills.

Investing in our own training needs is never wasted. Knowledge & skills taught well are vital to staying ahead in this difficult climate.

This new working environment will mean we all have to become “adaptable” and working outside our “Comfort Zone”, using skills we really never thought we had.

Training is key to preventing stressful situations within the workplace. Attending training courses delivered by knowledgeable and fully qualified teachers is more beneficial than just gaining a qualification.

Training courses taught well provides everyone who attends with skills, knowledge, and confidence in their own abilities to use those skills in their day to day or when the need may arise.

Businesses and individuals can be held responsible if there is a lack of or no H&S or first aid training.

Learn lifesaving skills today. That can help not just in the workplace but anywhere anytime.

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