We all need to feel safe in any environment to be confident in the job we do and to grow as professionals.

For me, COVID 19 has reinforced the good practice procedures I have adhered to as standard. Ensuring all who attend our course feel safe.

Here at Willhan Training we take our cross-infection duties extremely seriously.

Willhan Training has, and will always:

  • Only allow the legal limit of 12 delegates on any of our courses.
  • Willhan Training, as standard, ensures the ratio of resuscitation aids is 2 learners to one resuscitation aid and in some cases, learners have a resuscitation aid each to use during the course.
  • Has and will always provide every learner with a face shield barrier to perform CPR on the resuscitation manikin.
  • Use disinfectant wipes throughout any training course on all of our resources.
  • For resources that are single-use, they are disposed of after every course.
  • ALL our resources are cleaned & disinfected to the manufacturer’s instructions and to our own high standards to ensure all learners on all courses are kept safe.
  • Ensure learners wear gloves when demonstrating skills of placing bandages and slings.
  • Ensure we meet all awarding body assessment & teaching methods and go further with the support provided to all learners on the course to ensure all gain a qualification and skills they are confident to use.

Willhan Training will continue to:

  • Provide all who attend our courses with the outstanding resources and safe environment we have always provided.
  • Ensure cross-infection procedures are always to the highest standards and to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • We will limit those attending to 6-10 depending on room size.
  • We will encourage learners to wash hands using the correct hand washing technique prior to performing any practical activities.
  • Use our single-use gloves for the practical activity, then after the practical activity, advises learners to wash hands correctly. This will be carried out for ALL practical assessments.
  • We will be asking learners at registration if they feel unwell or have been in contact with someone who is unwell in any way to seek medical advice.
  • Anyone who has any symptoms will be unable to continue on the training course.

Following Covid-19 secure guidelines we will ensure that:

  • On arrival to the course, at registration, all learners will be asked to wash their hands using the correct handwashing technique.
  • All attending will be asked to wash their hands at the start and after breaks, at the start and after lunch, and at the end of the course prior to learners leaving.
  • The steps to effective handwashing will be placed around the room and on tables.
  • Handwashing will be required as indicated previously prior to and after practical activities.
  • We will provide hand sanitizer for use however handwashing will be our preferred message.
  • Boxes of tissues will be placed within reach for anyone who needs them. These will be disposed of within the restroom facilities and learners will be asked to wash hands after disposal.
  • The classroom used will have windows and doors open throughout the training course. (where it is safe to do so)
  • All delegates will be sat 2 meters from each other.- groups will be limited to 6-10 dependent on room size.
  • Will follow Awarding Body assessment guidelines for all practical activities.
  • There will be a one-way system on entering and exiting the building and around the classroom.
  • Voluntary temperature check will be taken.

We want everyone on our courses to feel safe. It is our duty to ensure this is provided for all who attend our courses: Past, present, and in the future.

You are in safe hands with Willhan Training.

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